The Launch of a New, Exciting and Powerful Comic Book

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By TyRenee Mongal July 14, 2016
Many of us love to be active and play sports.  With the support of Eisai Inc., a wonderful comic book series has been created called “Medikidz Explain Epilepsy.” The fourth book in the series, “Medikidz Explain Playing Sports with Epilepsy,” has just been released for all our youth to be informed that even with a medical condition, such as epilepsy, you can still follow your dreams.

In this colorful and delightful comic book, a fun group of Medikidz® superheroes come to the rescue with their super smarts and expert information on health and illness. With a twist and turn in time, they set out to teach Hannah, a 12-year-old girl, that she can still do things she loves, despite her epilepsy diagnosis.  Hannah, a fun loving kid, had a seizure during her hockey game with just seconds to spare for the win. Feeling so embarrassed that she spoiled the game and had a seizure in public, she has the urge to give up her dreams of playing hockey forever.

The Medikidz® superheroes arrive to the rescue and warp Hannah back in time to meet Olympic ice hockey player, Chanda Gunn, as a kid. Hannah believes she is there to learn and be inspired by Chanda, but finds herself meeting a friend of a special bond and likeness she would never ever forget. The two automatically mesh and share their woes of having epilepsy. Hannah begins to inspire Chanda with a little wisdom that lasts a lifetime. Chanda is inspired to shake her fears of playing sports with epilepsy and she grows to become a USA Olympic Medalist Hockey Player.

After returning to the present day, Hannah, living by her own advice, has let go of her fears, got back on the ice and has impressed everyone with her center hockey player moves; especially Chanda and the Medikidz® in their cool costumes sitting in the bleachers. Hannah had shown that you should only be defined by the things that you love, not by your condition.

On April 16th, several Macaroni Kid publishers had a chance to meet both Hannah and Chanda at the National Walk for Epilepsy in Washington, D.C.  Hannah was so delightful to meet, funny and a true inspiration for all youth. Hannah took time out to speak with every child and spoke encouraging words. Chanda emulates the great that one can become when you believe in yourself.  This walk was a very powerful and emotionally moving event. Thousands of individuals and teams gathered at the Washington, D.C. National Monument park grounds to participate by walking in this event and participating in fundraising for such a worthy cause.  The supporters, volunteers or individuals living with the condition helped to make this event a success. The accumulated funds will not only go to future epilepsy research efforts, but will also provide sustaining services for people living with epilepsy and overall awareness programs.

If you would like to learn more about the comic book series and inspire more in children’s health education, go to order your free copy of this book “Medikidz Explain Playing Sports with Epilepsy” at

DISCLOSURE: This article is part of a paid sponsorship. Eisai Inc. provided entry to the 10th Annual National Walk for Epilepsy and each of the four books in the Medikidz series to read and review. The displayed pictures were personally captured with my camera while participating in this wonderful event. The opinions I shared throughout this post are my own.