Easter Bunny Craft: Boo-Boo Bunnies

(you don't have to celebrate Easter for this one)

By Leslie Risley, Macaroni Kid Thornton-Northglenn Publisher April 4, 2012

These little guys are cute, easy to make, and just may help boo-boos heal faster!

What you need:

1 washcloth - the flimsier the better
2 small googly eyes
1 small pom-pom1 rubber band
1 cotton ball
1 piece of ribbon
hot glue gun or tacky glue

What you do:

Fold washcloth in half diagonally so it forms a triangle.

Starting at the point of the triangle, fold over about 4 times.

Fold in half lengthwise.

Fold in half lengthwise again, and put a rubber band tightly around the front. This will form the bunny's head. Work the ends around to the top of the head to form the ears. (Hint: If you're looking down from above the bunny, you see the oval opening where the ice will go.)

Use a hot glue gun or tacky glue to attach the eyes, nose (small pom-pom), tail (cotton ball), and ribbon around the bunny's neck to cover the rubber band. Place ice in the opening – we put ours in a plastic bag to contain drips - and apply to boo-boos as needed!